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Our Photography Tour Field Notes



Q: What are photography tour field notes?

A: In a nutshell they're a detailed record of your photography tour with us. By detailed we mean stop by stop!

Our field notes contain the following information . . .

We suggest that our clients set their camera clock to the local time so that the timestamp on your images matches the field note times.

We include the names of places at all of our photography stops.

Subject details
We also include the subject matter such as "Landscapes looking west with stone wall foregrounds", and "Macro shots of water droplets on maple leaves" . . . et cetera
Also included are the names of flowers, birds, mammals, mountain peaks and so on.
Historical locations will have Wikipedia links for additional information about the subject matter, be it a castle, village or bridge et cetera.
If relevant, we also include the photography techniques used, i.e. "Tripods used for long exposures for 'soft water' effects", "Deliberate blur", "Wide apertures used to attain a 'selective focus' look" and so on.

Crikey!, where do we start! You know how it goes, after weeks, months or years you forget the name of the bird, mammal, flower and where you took the shot et cetera. With our field notes you'll always have a useful reference on hand.

Need another copy?
Perhaps you have accidently deleted the copy we emailed you at the end of your trip? That's not a problem even if it was two decades ago. Just send an email and stating the year and tour location, and we'll email you another copy as a PDF file.

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