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Photography Tours 'By Request'



Would you like your own private, customized photography tour? If the answer is 'yes', please continue below

If you'd like to have one of our itineraries scheduled for a specific set of dates, go here

Where to, and for who?
Whether it be to a destination already listed in our photography tour calendar, or others such as Japan, India, Zimbabwe, Kenya, China, Indonesia and so on, we can customize any tour to your specifications.
This service is designed for Camera Clubs, Photographic Societies, groups of friends, or one or two people preferring a private tour.

Discounts based upon our existing itineraries
Private groups of 5 or more benefit from a discounted rate of 5% per person based upon our regular trip pricing as per the trips listed under photography tour calendar.
Our standard discounts still apply. Go here for details.
If things aren't clear then feel free to request a quote. Please include details such as the trip location, length of trip, and how many people you expect to make up your group.
Our cancellation policy for existing itineraries is the same as our customized itinerary groups. See below.

Discounts based upon a customized itinerary for your group
Discounts for customized photography tours, see below, are built into the lower cost of a larger group quotation.

Please note that an existing itinerary can be tweaked at no charge, but should you want a completely new itinerary a $250 deposit is required before we assemble an itinerary for you.
The $250 is applied to your total cost if you take the trip, but is non-refundable if you cancel. Please be aware that we do not have the resources to freely assemble itineraries unless you are completely serious about photo travel with Travel Images. To this end a non-refundable $250 deposit is required before proceeding with step two, see below, but is applied to your total cost if you take the trip.

'By request' deposits are 50% for any size of group once you have agreed to the quoted rate and the outline of your customized itinerary. Until your deposit has been received your requested dates cannot be reserved.
All other terms and conditions apply as outlined here.

How to earn a free trip for yourself
This applies to trips of 8 nights or more, and a minimum of 7 people including yourself. Our standard discounts per person do not apply if you choose this option.
Before you round up your friends with a sharp spear we need to know where you intend to travel, for how long, and how many people you expect in your group including yourself. Once we have an outline of these basic facts, we can then make a commitment to you in writing.
If your group number falls short of the size you originally proposed, we will provide you with a new quote.

Ya' just gotta get out of town soon?!
Please know that we can assemble a custom trip at very short notice. Just ask as we have a 'can do' attitude.

Talk to us
Email us if you're interested in having Travel Images assemble a personal itinerary. If you wish, we can then make it available to the remainder of our photography clients if you happen to have a small group, or if you request we do so. Generally though, 3 or more participants works best for everyone from an economic standpoint.

Please provide the following information . . .

Step 1: Send an email with the information below included. When provided with such details we can estimate costs and provide a quote. Nothing is reserved at this time.

A In your email please include:
Your name
Your address
Your phone number
Your website . . . . if applicable

B Where do you want to go?
One destination or several?

C Do you prefer one of our existing itineraries?
If so, which one? Go here
If not, please provide an outline of your proposed itinerary

D When would you like to travel?
The time of year
Plus alternative dates

E How long of a trip would you like?
A few days?
2 weeks?

F The proposed number of people in your group?
Costs are lowered with each additional traveler
If your group number were to fall below your original expectations, your quote will be adjusted accordingly

G What are your group's specific photography interests?
General photography?

H Your preferred pace of the trip?
One night in each spot?
More thorough?
You prefer to trust us on that!

I Is their anything else we should know?
With detailed information we can provide a quote quickly, competitively and accurately

Please note
Air fares: Flight costs will not be included in your quote
If insufficient information is received your custom photo tour request will be ignored . . . it's our protection against time wasters and internet fraud.

Step 2: If you approve of the quote we can then move onto step two which requires an enrollment form and a $250 deposit. To accomplish this we will most likely request a little more detail to finish the step 2 outline. It is also fine to add or subtract days to suit your travel goals and budget at any time, as we will of course, compile the itinerary best suited to your preferences.

Step 3: When your 50% deposit is received we will finalize the itinerary, reserve rooms, and land transport et cetera.

Please note once again that we do not have the resources to freely assemble itineraries unless you are completely serious about photo travel with Travel Images. To this end a non-refundable $250 deposit is required before proceeding with step two, but is deducted from your total cost if you take the trip.
Deposits can be made online here. Checks are also accepted
Clients are met at the gateway airport closest to the given destination
I, John, lead all trips myself except for the larger groups when we will bring along an assistant/s
 During the process we welcome requests to change the dates or itinerary et cetera at any time, provided there is no loss of deposits for items such as hotels and so on

Customized tour group cancellation policy
If you must withdraw from a photo tour more than 180 days before the tour start date your deposit is 100% refundable.
If you must withdraw from a customized photo tour 179 to 90 days before the tour start date a fee of $600 will be forfeited.
If you must withdraw from a customized photo tour 89 to 60 days before the tour start date, 25% of your total fee will be forfeited
If you must withdraw from a customized photo tour 59 days or less before the tour start date, 100% of your total fee will be forfeited.

Thank you for considering Travel Images for your photo travel!

John Baker, Photographer/Guide, Travel Images Photography Tours

Travel agents
For agent commission details please go here
Please email us in regard to the type of tour you'd like to offer your clients.


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