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Hello Photo Friends.

Winter is approaching, and if you'd like to get away from the ensuing cold this coming November and December we're offering a pair of photography tours in the South Pacific. The first is Tasmania, an island off Australia's southeast coast, followed by New Zealand's South Island.

Back to the northern hemisphere but in warmer climes than upper North America, we have scheduled a trip to the Bahamas in January, and a Florida wildlife excursion in February.

However, should you wish to face winter head on we have two of the best! First comes Iceland - the aurora borealis, ice caves, the lot! - followed by classic winter images and wildlife in Wyoming's Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

Then, moving into springtime we head for the border to Big Bend National Park in Texas, followed by the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival north of Seattle in Washington State.

Click on an image below for more information about the photo tour that interests you, or peruse the entire photo tour calendar here . . . .

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Besides these trips on the immediate horizon we offer many more photo tours such as, in summary, Europe, South Pacific, Asia, plus North and South America. You can peruse the entire 3-year calendar by clicking on the Monument Valley image directly above-left.

As our client family are already aware, we're also able to customize dates, itineraries, and 'bring back from the dead' an itinerary that is listed under 'Itineraries not currently in the schedule' in the right-hand column of the photo tours/calendar page. Thus my lords, ladies and gentlemen, I urge thee to just ask via email if you see a photography tour you like added to the calendar!

As always, if you have a question about photography in general or our photography tours, do not hesitate to ask by clicking on your email reply button.

Whether you're a friend that has traveled with us multiple times, or a friend we're yet to meet, we want you to know that you're appreciated. Thank you!

John Baker, Photographer/Leader, Travel Images Photography Tours
"Photography is the art that permits the photographer to take people, places, and moments in time home with them"

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John and Laurie


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