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Enrolling for a Travel Images Photography Tour

Plus additional travel guidance


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The first step is to check availability at the top of the online brochure for the trip that interests you, as it will show how many places are available.
The This photo tour will run with one or more participants. Please note that our group limit is not a requirement! symbol indicates that 'This trip requires the minimum number of participants as indicated on line two above', while the This photo tour has sufficient enrollments, and is a 'go'. However, do please consult with us prior to arranging your travel for the trip! symbol 'Indicates that we have sufficient enrollments and the trip is a 'go'.
Note that we can sometimes confirm a photo tour as a 'go' with as few as 3 participants, with our minimum number also indicated on the brochure page.
If the date under the number of sign-ups is today's or yesterday's date, then the information is current.
We employ a 'first come, first served' policy, so if places are limited on the trip of your choice we suggest you place a refundable deposit to hold a seat.
To choose a photo tour go to our calendar of photo tours page, then click on the destination name to access the online brochure and check place availability.



Trip Enrollment Steps: A to D

Our enrollment form page provides the option of an online fill-able form, or a version you can print and fill, then either scan and email or use the postal service.
Our business mail goes to P.O. Box 939, Middleton, Idaho 83644-0939.
Please enclose your trip deposit check made payable to 'Travel Images' if you choose not to pay your deposit online.
Enrollment forms that are emailed can be returned in any format you choose.

If you opt for the postal method, do please send an email to let us know your Enrollment Form is on its way, and mention the method of payment you致e chosen.
If you can remember to, please place the name of the trip you're enrolling for in the subject line of all correspondence.
In your email please include your full address, phone number and room preference, i.e. single, double, twin and/or would like us to match you with a roommate. There are no guarantees on the latter, but when requested we can post a 'find a room-mate' notice on the brochure page of the trip you're taking with us.
Questions of a monetary nature should be directed to our accounts department at this email address.

Please note that places are reserved on a first come-first served basis with the stated deposit on the brochure page. However, should you want to hold a place while you mull over your decision please let us know via email. The lengths for holds are as follows . . .
New clients: 10 days
Previous clients: 30 days

If you plan on arriving a day or more prior to the scheduled 'day one' - see the relevant brochure for the trip dates - remember to reserve a room for yourself as pre-tour accommodation isn't included in your tour cost.
Please email us for the name of the hotel that we are using as our 'gateway hotel', or if you choose to stay elsewhere you might need to make your way to that hotel on day one.
Except for the larger cities, and/or if traffic and time permits, we can pick you up at your hotel shortly after the remainder of the group has gathered at the gateway hotel. If you have a request or a question regarding a day one rendezvous please contact us via email.


International Travel Advice: Visas and passports

Do you need a Travel Visa?
Travelers from all countries can do a quick check of visa requirements here or here
Our international clients may need to contact the embassy of their intended destination in their own country for a visa. Go here or here
If you're visiting the United States for a Travel Images photography tour, go here

All international travel with Travel Images requires a passport
It should be current, and not expire until at least 6 months following our tour. For answers to passport questions go here
United States citizens can renew their passport or acquire a new one here

Travel insurance
Whether it be a personal situation or during travel to the gateway destination, things don't always go the way we plan. Consequently we encourage all tour participants to acquire travel insurance.
There are reputable travel insurance comparison sites to be found at InsureMyTrip.com and SquareMouth.com.



Additional Information and Suggestions

The deposit for our photography trips varies with each tour. Please refer to the brochure of the trip you wish to take.
If you prefer to pay your deposit online, you may do so here or we take card payments over the phone and via email.
Checks are also accepted.

When it is less than 60 days before the trip you are joining commences
If joining a trip during this time period, full payment becomes at the point of enrollment.

Receipts and final payment
Once we receive your signed enrollment form along with your deposit, we will email a statement to you reflecting receipt of your deposit and the balance due for your trip.
Payment in full is due no later than 60 days prior to day one of the trip.
When paying by check you get a 2% discount off your final payment which is in addition to any other discounts you may qualify for.

Previous clients qualify for various discounts of course, but so do our 'new friends'. Go here for details of client loyalty, early enrollment, 'non-photo' traveler, room sharing, referral rewards, 2 in 12 months, and paying by check discounts.

Referral rewards
Perhaps you're considering inviting friends to join the trip you're taking Travel Images? If they do so they'll get $100 off the trip, and you get $200 off which increases to $300 per person for 3 or more referrals. All other discounts still apply. Go here for referral reward details.

Travel to the gateway airport
It is recommended that clients arrive a day early to counteract any possible flight delays, and to be physically fresh for the trip.
When booking flights, do remember to add a day allowance for overnight travel, or two days if also crossing the Pacific Ocean/International Dateline.

Gateway hotel
All of our trips begin on 'Day 1' at a specific hotel at a given time, and we recommend that you use the same hotel unless your plan is to explore locally on your own.
After you've enrolled we'll send the hotel website link so that you can make your reservation directly.
Our apologies, but we no longer make these reservations for clients due to folk going to the wrong hotel and so on, and the subsequent lost deposits. Making your own reservation gives you the advantage of making changes as needed.
By the way, as our groups are small we pay the same rate for hotels as you do!
If you decide to stay elsewhere, or the recommended hotel is full by the time you enroll, fret ye not as we'll pick you up at your hotel shortly after the official rendezvous time. Unfortunately, this does not apply to hotels in large cities where traffic issues may cause the loss of photography time for the remainder of the group. You'll just need to make your way to the specified gateway hotel in time for the trip commencement.

Email is undoubtedly the best way to get in touch with us as we're often traveling with our groups.
Should you prefer, you can also leave a message on 1-208-559-8248 as our messages are are emailed to us.
The main trip update is e-mailed at least 30 days to the trip commencement, or months sooner on request. The update is specific to your trip and contains a plethora of useful information including photography equipment tips, clothing choices and the expected local weather and temperatures etcetera.
We'll also email our detailed trip guidelines which apply to all of our photography tours, plus of course the accommodation list.

An important note about when to purchase your air fare
We strongly suggest that you do not purchase your airline ticket until (in our sole discretion) we have the minimum group size, and have confirmed to you via email that the trip is a 'go'.

Minimum group size
If the trip that interests you has a green check mark towards the top of the brochure, then the trip is a confirmed 'go', and a small group supplement will not be required.

If the group size is 2 or less a small group supplement might be applicable. Each trip is assessed on a case by case basis in that regard.
Western United States and western Canada: Each trip is assessed on a case by case basis in this region.
Manitoba and Nova Scotia in Canada, plus Vermont, Florida, Hawaii, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand: Our group minimum is 3 travelers, and a small group supplement is only applied to groups of 2 or less.
Europe including the British Isles: Each trip is assessed on a case by case basis in this region.
South America: Our group minimum is 5 travelers, and a small group supplement is only applied to groups of 4 or less.
Asia: Our group minimum is 8 travelers, and a small group supplement is only applied to groups of 4 or less.

Please note that the applying of a small group supplement is rare once we have an enrollment, as groups nearly always attain our minimum client number.

An important note in regard to health
Please note that it is important that each participant has at least sufficient mobility for the trip they are enrolling for, which ensures that the photography opportunities of both yourself and the other participants are not affected.
All our photo tours are mildly to moderately strenuous unless otherwise noted on the brochure page of the trip that you intend taking.

Don't forget the legal stuff!
Please read our Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Working hard for you
After all the preliminaries have been completed, including updates that include photo equipment recommendations and so on, comes the trip you致e always dreamed of. Rest assured we値l work hard each day to make your vacation dreams come true.

Following your photography tour
We're confident you値l return home a better photographer with your own memorable images and experiences to match.
You'll receive field notes from the trip along with a disc of client images, yourself included of course, and the trip questionnaire.
Things won't be quite over because if in the following days, weeks, months or years you have a question regarding your images or a location, we encourage you to get in touch. Thank you for choosing Travel Images!


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Photo tour clients taking pictures during our tours




Making a Payment



Please read the following before making a payment


Payment Options

Credit or debit card online: Click on the payment graphic below
Checks: Receive a further 2% discount off your final balance payment when paying by check
Wire transfers can only be accepted when accompanied by a completed enrollment form

Deposit: The deposit for our photography trips varies with each tour. Please refer to the brochure of the trip you wish to take
Enrolling for two tours?: It's not necessary to pay two separate deposits. Just combine deposits and make one payment

Acceptance Mark

Make a Payment  |  Deposit Details  |  Enrollment Form Options  |  Contact Us
Do You Need a Visa?  | Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions

Email your photo tour question              Enroll, register for one of our photo tours             
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