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Enrollment Form Options

Email, Postal or Online



  Option 1:  Email

  Print, Fill-in, Scan and send via Email                      

  • Go here to print the enrollment form which is a PDF file
  • Then go to File/Print to print the enrollment form
  • Fill in the document then either scan or take pictures of each sheet
  • After creating an image of your completed enrollment form simply attach it to an email

  Option 2:  Postal

  Print, Fill-in and send via the Postal Service       

  • Go here to print the enrollment form which is a PDF file

  • Fill in and mail to: Travel Images, P.O. Box 939, Middleton, Idaho 83644-0939

  • Please send a follow-up email to let us know that your enrollment form is on the way as we may be working overseas. This will secure your place


  Option 3:  Online

  Enroll Online                                                                 

  • Go here to fill out the enrollment form online

  • If you see a message at top-right 'Open with different viewer', click on it and choose 'Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC' if you have it installed. If not you can get it for free at Adobe. Go here

  • Without the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you won't be able to fill in the text boxes!

  • We suggest you save the PDF file to your documents folder during and after filling in the document

  • Fill in the shaded areas as far as is necessary, and click on the email symbol to send the enrollment form to us

  • If needed, there are additional guidelines and troubleshooting tips below

Report an issue via email

  International Travel: Visas and Passports                         



  • Travelers from all countries can do a quick check of visa requirements here or here

  • Our international clients may need to contact the embassy of their intended destination in their own country for a visa. Go here or here

  • If you're visiting the United States for a Travel Images photography tour, go here


  • All international travel with Travel Images requires a passport

  • It should be current, and not expire until at least 6 months following our tour. For answers to passport questions go here

  • United States citizens can renew their passport or acquire a new one here

IATA's Visa, Passport, and Health requirement check in one location

  • IATA is the International Air Transport Association, and is the one-stop location to check on all travel requirements for any international trip.

  • IATA was established for travel professionals, but anyone is able use the following web page to check travel document requirements.  Go here

 Answers to travel questions given in a practical COVID-era manner  NEW
Travel guru Christopher Elliott has gathered common questions together, and has provided clear, concise answers to any travel question you might have. Go here

  Travel Insurance                                                                          

  • Whether it be a personal situation or during travel to the gateway destination, things don't always go the way we plan. Consequently we encourage all tour participants to acquire travel insurance.

  • There are reputable travel insurance comparison sites to be found at InsureMyTrip.com and SquareMouth.com.

  Online enrollment form guidelines for Option 3                

 . . . only needed if you're having issues!

  • As a back-up, we suggest that you start by saving the enrollment form to your computer. Click save every few minutes

  • Fill in all the relevant fields by clicking in the shaded boxes and typing your information

  • For the signature section, just type in your name. Using the 'Fill & Sign' option under 'Tools' is optional

  • When finished, click 'save' again, or use the keys ctrl and 'S'

  • To send your completed enrollment form via email, look for the email symbol at top left or go to 'File'/'Send File'/Attach to Email. Your email program will open and be ready to send. In your email you can add a personal message, or ask a question

  • If you have encounter difficulties with our online enrollment form please describe the problem in an email. Thank you


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