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Travel Images' Photography Tour 'Good to Know' Stuff


Hello photography friends.


For details regarding all of our photography tours through to December of 2025, follow the calendar link anywhere on our site, or click on the image at right.


Photo galleries: New galleries are added with each new photo tour location, plus older galleries are often updated.  Go here


We can still customize any photo tour for you should you want a location added, or a trip brought forward a year. Just ask, and we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes.

'Map of overnight locations' feature:  Go here


Looking for a room-mate? In response to client requests to help find a room-mate a number of our brochures now feature a line that states, "Requested . . . a female/male room-mate to reduce costs and gain discounts". When you share a room there are no single supplements, plus you also qualify for 5% off the base photo tour cost. The discount applies to couples too. Full details of all available discounts are here


Larger group photo tours: We're small-group photography specialists, and have been so since 1988. No, we're not going to abandon our popular concept, but we are adding the option for larger groups such as camera clubs or groups of friends who want to save money . . . but still receive our same small-group service. For a sample larger-group Ireland tour go here

How-to articles: Recent news to share is that I've been processing gallery images, and updating older photo how-to articles so that there are now a dozen features under the heading 'Photo How-To' to get your teeth into: Go here


More 'good to know' stuff:  Sometimes it's just better to leave the furniture where it's always been! See immediately below . . .


Enjoy your journey through the coming winter, and no matter what you're doing . . . think photography!

John and Laurie
Travel Images Photography Tours

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  Photo tour calendar

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Before choosing a photography tour you should ask specific questions
Each of us wants good value for money, an excellent travel experience, plus the best of all photography opportunities. This being so you owe it to yourself to compare your photo tour options from top to bottom. Go here



Take any two trips in a 12 month period:
  The discount benefits

  • We introduced '2 in 12' several years ago, i.e. if you take any two trips, not necessarily back-to-back, at any time during a 12 month period and you qualify for the '2 in 12' discount. This is on top of any other discounts you already qualify for that are explained here.

  • New clients can qualify for our loyalty discount by enrolling for two trips, plus receive early enrollment discounts . . . if you don't leave it too late!

  • You can also claim up to a $200 per trip discount if you were to enroll as much as 12 months prior to any of our photo tours.

  • Full details and additional discounts are explained here



Don't let an additional discount pass you by

In addition to various available discounts we also offer discounts for early enrollment.  Of course, the earlier you enroll the larger the discount of up to $200. The details of our early enrollment discounts can be found here.



Visit Travel Images on Facebook
, peruse the photo albums, ask a photography related question, or just say 'hello'.
 Click on the image at left or here
 We're also featured on the following social media sites:        



Trip Status Clarification:  It's all in the color coding

 We began posting the number of enrollments on each of our trips back in 2005, but what you really want to know is the trip status.

 To aid with this we have introduced colored indicators for at-a-glance clarification, i.e. . . .

       This photo tour has sufficient enrollments, and is a 'go'. However, do please consult with us prior to arranging your travel for the trip! Indicates that we have sufficient enrollments and the trip is a 'go'

       This photo tour will run with one or more participants. Please note that our group limit is not a requirement! Indicates that this trip requires the minimum number of participants as indicated on line two above

 Sometimes we can run a trip with as few as 2, so look for that green check mark.

 The fact is, the earlier you enroll it's more likely others will take the same step, and your trip of choice proceed as scheduled. The larger your discount will be too!



Previous client?  New Client?:  How to hold a photo tour spot

 Previous clients can hold a place with a brief email. A deposit can then be made within 30 days.
 New clients can hold a place for 10 days with a brief email, and beyond that one should pay the trip deposit to hold a place. But fret ye not, we have one of the most relaxed cancelation policies in the industry. See for yourself by clicking here.



Maps of Overnight Locations

A map of overnight locations is a feature of our photography tour brochures.

To check a map out, go to our photo tour calendar, click on a photo tour location, then scroll a little way down and look for 'Map of overnight locations' in the bulleted section.

You'll see the spots we choose for our daily loop troops, and just so you know, I do all the driving so you'll never be lost!




Photography Tour Calendar

 Click on the image at left or here to view the Travel Images photography calendar.

 As always there is plenty of variety throughout the year, with photo tours of varying lengths and locations. Basically the regions we cover are North and South America, the British Isles, western Europe, the South Pacific and Burma-Myanmar in Asia.

 You can also ensure your trip of choice is included in a future calendar by clicking here.

 Travel Images also offers a custom photography tour service. See By Request.



Site map
 We deliberately loaded the home and question and answer pages with a lot information so that you can find whatever you're looking for with ease.
 However, for an even clearer view go to our new site map here.



No stone unturned
 Travel Images has one of the most comprehensive questions and answer pages in the industry here.
 However, if you still need an answer it's more than OK with us that you put your question in an email.



Client Feedback

As our family of clients can tell our photo travel stories better than ourselves, please follow the feedback and image links below.

 Feedback is viewable here
 A photo gallery of clients taking part in our trips is here



The Top 21 Votes/Likes for Travel Images Photo Tours
Seriously, we'd really like you to compare us with the competition . . .

1:   We make it our business to know the best locations
2:   We know the best times to be at those locations
3:   We help with exposure, composition and much more
4:   All assistance is given in a practical, friendly manner
5:   We arrange all the accommodations
6:   We do all the driving
7:   Our two minibuses are customized for space, comfort and storage
8:   We share the same vehicle, thus I'm able to share tips via audio
9:   We tell you up front what is, or isn't, included in our rates
10: We include all breakfasts, first day lunch and last day dinner
11: Our brochures are all online. No need to request price and itinerary
12: We're out shooting early and late
13: We critique your work on location, at meals and during free time
14: We encourage you to consider different perspectives and techniques
15: We're there for photography, not 'classes' when the light is best
16: We're friendly, approachable and loaded with good humor!
17: Zero snobbery . . . everything is friendly and practical
18: Prefer a 'point and shoot' camera?  No problem
19: You'll be traveling with like-minded, friendly folk [our other clients]
20: We have smaller groups. Generally 7 or 8 maximum
21: Our clients have their say: Go here
++  Our clients during our trips:  Go here



The gift of photo travel can be given at any time of the year

 You can purchase gift certificates in any denomination you wish, and of course there is no expiry date.
 They are eligible for use on any Travel Images photography tour or workshop. A sample gift certificate and all the details are here.


     Email your photo tour question          Enroll, register for one of our photo tours         




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