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Photography Tour of Norway: The Kystriksveien Route . . . with detours!

Trondheim to Bodø: Fjords, Mountain ranges, spectacular bridges, a variety of islands, the Helgeland coast, historic Norway and more



  July 13th to July 21st, 2024

  8 nights/9 inclusive days  |  Maximum of 6 participants, and a minimum of 4 participants

  $4,698 USD per person  |  Single Supplement: 14% of the base cost of the trip

  The deposit for this photography tour is $400. Make a deposit, or pay your tour balance here

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  Arrival airport: Trondheim Airport, Værnes, Norway [TRD]
  Departure airport: Bodø Airport, Norway [BOO]
  Arrival window: For a variety of travel related reasons, arriving one day early is recommended
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  Map of overnight locations
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This photo tour will run with one or more participants. Please note that our group limit is not a requirement!  6 places are available at this time
  Updated: Sunday the 25th of February, 2024

This photo tour has sufficient enrollments, and is a 'go'. However, do please consult with us prior to arranging your travel for the trip!  Indicates that we have sufficient enrollments and the trip is a 'go'
This photo tour will run with one or more participants. Please note that our group limit is not a requirement!  Indicates that this trip requires the minimum number of participants as indicated on line two above




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Photography Tour Overview:
Norway isn't all fjords! The largest of all the Nordic countries also contains a plethora of ocean vistas, mountain ranges, spectacular bridges, inlets, harbors, islands, and quaint, colorful villages et cetera. Throw in JohnBakeresque detours from the Kystriksveien route for additional photographic gems that are the icing on the cake of our nine day sojourn. There are several ferry rides too, with those affording their own vistas towards land along with hovering gulls overhead, plus puffins, cormorants, gannets and more flitting on by as we make each of our crossings. 

Early and late photography:
It's customary on all of our photography tours to shoot early and late each day. However, because the sunrise is at 3:38 am, and sunset at 11:08 pm at the start of this photo tour we'll make adjustments so that fatigue doesn't become a factor! 2:30 am and 11:42 pm are the respective sunrise and sunset times at the end of the trip. In other words the sun barely drops below the horizon at that time of year.



Our itinerary . . .
But first things first! We suggest that you set your camera's clock to the local time, as your images will then synchronize with the times in our included photo tour field notes.

Day 1  |  Trondheim
Our small group will gather in the lobby of our gateway hotel at 9:30 am, and following introductions we'll head out to photograph a variety of classic sites in and around the city of Trondheim. We'll pause around midday for the included first day lunch. Scheduled photography-wise today is the Kristiansten Fortress, Nidaros cathedral which is Norway's only cathedral, and built over the burial site of King Olav II, Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum, plus Old Town Bridge and shots from it of the Nidelven river and colorful dwellings,
Trondheim, 1 night

Day 2  |  Trondheim to Namsos
We'll finish our Trondheim photography this morning, and head northwards to Hell. I kid you not! Continuing northwards via Steinkjer, we'll join the Kystriksveien route shortly thereafter. It's a much less-traveled route compared to Norway's main highways to the south, and a road where traffic jams are extremely rare! Planned for today are Steinvikholm castle, the Medieval Farm at Stiklastadir, and the Egge Museum. On via Beitstadfjorden [lake] for our overnight in Namsos.
Namsos, 1 night

Days 3 + 4  |  Namsos to Brønnøysund
Breakfast, check-out, and up to a viewpoint overlooking Namsos for views to the fjord and the 'salmon approved' River Namsen. Going north we'll take a short detour to the Lokkarbrua bridge as we zigzag our way to Brønnøysund throughout the day. One of several ferry rides during the trip will be from Holm to Vennesund complete with vistas to land, plus birds in flight and seascapes, which places us on the picturesque Helgeland coast. On to Brønnøysund for our two night stay.
We'll kick off day 4 at the water's edge in
Brønnøysund, and following breakfast we'll cross the Brønnøysund bridge to the Isle of Torget. The ever-changing scenery will provide many photo opportunities, concluding at Torghatten Mountain. Torghatten is unique in that it has a large hole in the middle, and you'll have the opportunity to photograph it from sea-level and/or to take the trail to the opening which also affords great panoramic vistas of the region.
Brønnøysund, 2 nights

Days 5 + 6  |  Brønnøysund to Sandnessjøen
Early light photography, then after breakfast and check-out, our first ferry ride will take us from Horn to Andalsvåg, and the second from Forvik to Tjøtta. In-between we'll have a number of photo stops prior to our first look at distant Torghatten Mountain. The Seven Sisters mountain range will be a feature of days 5 and 6 as we'll also see impressive views of the range from the Isle of Dønna.
On day 6 we'll take the ferry out to the Isle of Dønna for a day of slow but sure exploration of the island. The historic but derelict Dönnes Fort dating from WW2 affords panoramic views, plus to the south we'll have impressive views of the Seven Sisters mountain range and more. Back to Sandnessjøen for the second of our two nights in the town, and as usual if you have the energy, some twilight photography if the weather permits.
Sandnessjøen, 2 nights

Day 7  |  Sandnessjøen to Glomfjord
After concluding our photography in the Sandnessjøen region, one of our first stops will be to photograph the mightily impressive Helgeland Bridge. We'll take three ferries today, with each one offering new photographic opportunities. Beyond Nesna the route over the Sjonfjellet mountain pass offers one of the most impressive viewpoints along the Kystriksveien coastal road. The landscape north of Sjonfjellet is characterized by fjords, mountains and scattered settlements. We'll pause at the Grønsvik coastal battery, which was a WW2 era fort, and is now a museum. On the Kilboghamn to Jektvik ferry we'll cross the Arctic Circle. Our last ferry crossing of the day, and trip, lands at Forøy, and from there the road to Glomfjord follows Holandfjord [lake]. It has fine views [weather permitting!] of the Svartisen glacier which is a collective term for two glaciers located in Nordland county. On to Glomfjord for our overnight stay.
Glomfjord, 1 night

Day 8  |  Glomfjord to Bodø
A handful of early light shots, breakfast, hotel check-out and off northwards for a stop at Ureddplassen. A WW2 submarine Uredd was sunk there. At Storvika you can enjoy great views, and a stone footbridge over a small stream that empties into the fjord. When we cross the Saltstraumen bridge we'll be above a stretch of water that is purported to have the strongest tidal current in the world. On to Bodø for hotel check-in, and an exploration of Nyholms Fort which also affords great views of the Bodø waterfront. The included dinner on the last night of our photography tour will feature an 'It's You!' presentation of clients in action on this tour by John.
Bodø, 1 night

Day 9  |  Departure day
As there isn't any photography scheduled for the day of departure on this trip, your flight home can be arranged for any time today. Transport to the airport is included unless you’re staying on for a day or more.

Photo Tour Photographer/Leader: John Baker, Travel Images Photography Tours
The preceding itinerary is a copyrighted work by John Baker Photographer LLC, and Travel Images Photography Tours



Enhancing Your Photography Skills

Describing the assistance you'll receive on one of our photography tours takes more than a few words, so for greater detail please go here.


Exertion level: This photography tour is classified as 'non strenuous' to 'moderately strenuous'

A majority of images are found in close proximity to our vehicle

The well maintained trail up to the Torghatten Mountain 'hole' is 20 minutes up, and 15 minutes back. We rate it as 'moderately strenuous'.

There will be short walks of varying lengths to a variety of viewpoints during the trip. They rate from 'mildly strenuous' to 'moderately strenuous'


Do you need a Visa for travel to Norway?
Travelers from all countries can do a quick check of visa requirements here or here
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Photography Tour Cost, Deposit, Cancellation Policy and Enrollment Guidance

Trip Cost: $4,698 USD per person not including airfare. A 5% discount is applied to all double occupancies. A single room supplement is required for single occupancy

Single Supplement: 14% of the base cost of the trip


The deposit for this photography tour is $400. Make a deposit, or pay your tour balance here


Cancellation policy: Go here

Enrollment guidance: Go here


Included in the Trip Cost: The following items are included in the trip cost . . .

  • Photography instruction throughout the trip by John

  • All accommodations with private facilities [en-suite]

  • All breakfasts

  • Lunch on day one of the trip

  • Dinner on the last night of the trip

  • On-vehicle snacks and bottled water

  • All ground transportation

  • All Ferries

  • Airport pick-up on day 1, and drop-off on departure day. Arrival prior to day 1 is not included

  • Entrance fees for sites and activities listed below under ‘Admissions Included’

  • Following the trip you'll receive detailed field notes describing the time, place and subject of each photo stop, plus image uploads to a private web page of clients 'in action' on the trip

Not Included in the Trip Cost: The costs for these items are the responsibility of each participant . . .

  • Airfare

  • Travel costs between your home and the gateway airport and return

  • Any transportation or travel costs incurred prior to or after the tour’s inclusive dates

  • Pre-tour and/or post-tour accommodation

  • Lunches and dinners except for lunch on day one of the trip, and dinner on the last night of the trip

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Entrance fees or costs related to optional sites or activities not included in the itinerary

  • Baggage fees

  • Medical expenses

  • Personal items such as the hotel mini-bar, laundry et cetera

  • Incidental charges incurred at our accommodations such as movie rentals, internet and phone

  • Travel insurance

  • Passport or visa expenses

  • Airport departure taxes, if applicable

Admissions Included in the Trip Cost:

  • Outdoor folk museum

  • A variety of forts


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