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China Photography Tour


  October: This photography tour is not currently in the schedule, but can be added by request

  14 nights/15 inclusive days  |  Maximum of 10 participants, and a minimum of 7 participants

  $6,986 USD per person  |  Single Supplement: 14% of the base cost of the trip

  The deposit for this photography tour is $500. Make a deposit, or pay your tour balance here

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  Arrival and departure airport: Hong Kong international [HKG]
  Arrival window: For a variety of travel related reasons, arriving one day early is recommended
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  For the single supplement, cancellation policy and enrollment guidance see below

This photo tour will run with one or more participants. Please note that our group limit is not a requirement!  10 places are available at this time
  Updated: Saturday the 27th of May, 2023

This photo tour has sufficient enrollments, and is a 'go'. However, do please consult with us prior to arranging your travel for the trip!  Indicates that we have sufficient enrollments and the trip is a 'go'
This photo tour will run with one or more participants. Please note that our group limit is not a requirement!  Indicates that this trip requires the minimum number of participants as indicated on line two above


Photography tours to the frontier region of southwest China


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Photography Tour Overview:
  This photography tour takes you to the frontier region of southwest China where you will have an opportunity to see how the ethnic minorities in that part of China live. Meet and photograph the Bai, Naxi, Hui, Mongols, Yi and other minority peoples, and at the same time enjoy some of China's most enchanting natural scenery. China's south-western frontier region is noted for its magnificent mountains and rivers and its varied topography. Over the centuries, the varied geographic and environmental conditions have contributed to how the many ethnic minorities live in the area, as they established many different customs and traditions. Travelling the region is akin to having a long scrolling painting unfolding before your eyes, which depicts cultural traditions, ethnic customs, clothing, ornaments, and the architectural styles of these ethnic minorities. As with all of our photography tours, early and late shooting is scheduled for each day.


Our itinerary . . .
But first things first! We suggest that you set your camera's clock to the local time, as your images will then synchronize with the times in our included photo tour field notes.


Day 1  |  Hong Kong to Kunming
Fly to Kunming from Hong Kong. Kunming situated on the shores of Lake Dianchi, is one of China's most pleasant cities and is largely protected from the South China monsoon, so the weather should be delightfully warm and spring like. We plan to visit the Provincial Museum to get an overview of the minorities of Yunnan and their lives and costumes.
Kunming, 1 night


Day 2
A day drive to Dali through the rich horticultural lowlands surrounding Kunming and then through an extensive area of limestone gorges and finally to Erhai Lake and Dali. Dali is situated on Lake Erhai, to the people of Dali the scenery is characterized by "Wind, Flowers, Snow and Moon".
Dali, 3 nights


Day 3
We will spend half a day at Lake Erhai travelling by boat to Zhoucheng. En route we should see Bai fishing junks, their structure similar to Tang Dynasty warships. Zhoucheng is one of the largest Bai villages in the region, and the people are well known for their indigo tie-dyes cloth with a white butterfly design.


Day 4
We’ll also explore the Three pagodas and Butterfly Spring. Equally interesting are the marble workshops around the town. The shops are picturesque as are the town, the city gate and the remaining walls.

Days 5, 6 + 7
Morning drive to Lijiang. The town is attractive with its wooden buildings, streams, weeping willows and views of the surrounding Jade Dragon Snow Mountains. We intend to spend a day in a Naxi village to look for examples of the ancient Naxi pictorial script written on the rocks, and hope to photograph Naxi women dressed in traditional costumes. Walks will be made to local temples in Lijiang. We also will have an evening local music show.
Lijiang, 3 nights


Day 8
Morning flight to Kunming. We will visit Buddhist and Taoist temples with upturned eaves and intricate cantilevers, all painted in subtle hues and containing interesting statuary. Lots of character and colour at the Bird and Flower market which we will visit.
Kunming, 1 night

Days 9 + 10
Half day drive to Jianshui. En-route we will detour to Hui, Mongols and Yi villages. We will visit the local temple, garden and the double dragon bridge during our stay.
Jianshui, 2 nights


Day 11
We will spend a couple of days exploring the most scenic and picturesque regions containing minority tribes. Overnight at Jiangchen County


Day 12, 13 + 14
Today we finally reach the most exotic Xishuangbanna which is located in the deep south of Yunnan Province. The great attraction of this area are the minority Dai people. To keep themselves off the damp earth in this tropical rain forest weather, the Dais live in wooden houses raised on stilts with the pigs and chickens below. The common dress is sarongs and straw hats and the women have upswept hairstyles. Jinghong is the tropical tree-lined administrative town of Xishuangbanna. The main attractions are Dai villages and Tropical Plant Research Institute. Explore some of the Dais villages and the local markets.
Jinghong, 3 nights


Day 15
The Manfeilong pagoda group stand in the shadow of Manfeilong Mountain. From a distance these pagodas look like white bamboo shoots after rain. In the afternoon fly back to Kunming. The included dinner on the last night of our photography tour will feature an 'It's You!' presentation of clients in action on this tour by John.
Kunming, 1 night


Photo Tour Photographer/Leader: John Baker, Travel Images Photography Tours, and local guides
The preceding itinerary is a copyrighted work by John Baker Photographer LLC, and Travel Images Photography Tours


Enhancing Your Photography Skills

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Do you need a Visa for travel to China?
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Photography Tour Cost, Deposit, Cancellation Policy and Enrollment Guidance

Trip Cost: $6,986 USD per person not including airfare. A 5% discount is applied to all double occupancies. A single room supplement is required for single occupancy

Single Supplement: 14% of the base cost of the trip


The deposit for this photography tour is $500. Make a deposit, or pay your tour balance here


Cancellation policy: Go here

Enrollment guidance: Go here


Included in the Trip Cost: The following items are included in the trip cost . . .

  • Photography instruction throughout the trip by John

  • All accommodations with private facilities [en-suite]

  • All breakfasts

  • Lunch on day one of the trip

  • Dinner on the last night of the trip

  • On-vehicle snacks and bottled water

  • All ground transportation

  • Airport pick-up on day 1, and drop-off on departure day. Arrival prior to day 1 is not included

  • Entrance fees for sites and activities listed below under ‘Admissions Included’

  • Following the trip you'll receive detailed field notes describing the time, place and subject of each photo stop, plus image uploads to a private web page of clients 'in action' on the trip

Not Included in the Trip Cost: The costs for these items are the responsibility of each participant . . .

  • Airfare

  • Travel costs between your home and the gateway airport and return

  • Any transportation or travel costs incurred prior to or after the tour’s inclusive dates

  • Pre-tour and/or post-tour accommodation

  • Lunches and dinners except for lunch on day one of the trip, and dinner on the last night of the trip

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Entrance fees or costs related to optional sites or activities not included in the itinerary

  • Baggage fees

  • Medical expenses

  • Personal items such as the hotel mini-bar, laundry et cetera

  • Incidental charges incurred at our accommodations such as movie rentals, internet and phone

  • Travel insurance

  • Passport or visa expenses

  • Airport departure taxes, if applicable


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