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Travel Images Photography Tours: Media Review


Pacific Northwest photo, Oregon and Washington, USA
Female Sooty Grouse

Travel Advisory
from the
‘Sunday News Journal’
Wilmington, Delaware
July 31st, 1994

Media feedback regarding Travel Images photo tours



Pacific Northwest photo, Oregon and Washington, USA
Wet pebbles on an Oregon beach


Trillium Lake, and Mount Hood, Oregon
Mount Hood



by Jean Krolik

I’ve just returned from a different kind of tour - a trip to the magnificent Pacific Northwest for the express purpose of photography.

If tours are offered to golfers, fishermen and musicians, why not photographers? As a rule, these groups are strictly limited to 8 or fewer avid photographers and their gear . . . tripods, camera bodies and lenses et cetera. The vehicle is generally a 15 passenger vehicle into which all of the above fits, and with seats to spare somewhat magically.

My photography expedition was with John Baker of Travel Images Photography Tours [P.O. Box 939, Middleton, Idaho 83644-0939. [+1] 208-559-8248]. Many photography magazines list such tours with often well-known Leaders, and to destinations all over the world.

The virtue of such an excursion is this; If any member of the group sees sufficient inspiration for a photograph other than those frequently made, he or she may request a ‘photo stop’ - something the larger tour buses never do. These are very serious amateur photographers who, in sharing this common interest, can be depended on to be a most congenial group.

The Needles and Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

The unexpected
For my trip covering the best of western Washington and Oregon I had been advised to expect rain at least part of each day, but the sun constantly shone.

Never have I seen such majestic beauty as the Cascade range stretching from Seattle’s Mount Rainier, and on south to Mount Hood and Crater Lake et cetera. These and other solitary snow-capped mountains are lined up north to south with each bearing equally impressive names such as Mount Bachelor, Mount Jefferson and Mount Adams.


Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park

Mount St. Helens
We also spent time amid the chaos of Mount St. Helens, at right, where tremendous volcanic devastation took place in 1980. Trees there still lie like rows of stripped match-sticks on the mountain slopes and many miles beyond. But amid the ruins you will find the contrast of a young green Spruce tree, or a clump of brightly colored wildflowers . . . just what these photo travelers came for.

Cape Kiwanda, Oregon
Pacific Northwest photo, Oregon and Washington, USA
Windy Ridge, Mount St. Helens

The wildlife
The coastlines of Oregon and Washington are also a photographer’s dream. These States have wisely set aside coastal strips and inland spots as State and National Parks, where sea mammals, Roosevelt Elk and Black-Tail Deer are plentiful, and where Marmots pose until right before you’re about to expose a frame it seems!

The wildflowers
Wildflowers? I have never seen or photographed such a display of Blue Lupine, Indian Paintbrush, Bear Grass, and my favorite the delicate Alpine Lilies - plus the lush Hoh rain forest in Olympic National Park - as I did on this photography trip.

I believe the Northwest to be our country’s best-kept secret . . . just ask the locals!

Jean Krolik
Special to the Sunday News Journal, Delaware


Crater Lake, Oregon

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